The Indian Princess and the Viking

If you happen to marry someone who looks like a viking, you might as well just run with it. The lovely Indian American bride chose a more classic look for her wedding cake topper but insisted that I go the Full Nordic for her husband’s figurine. These toppers don’t scream wedding, and I believe they still have a shelf of honor in the couple’s home.

Making Vintage Art in a Contemporary World

This captivating pair (she, a soon to be well-known novelist, and he, a soon to be well-known actor) got married in a Spanish style mansion in the Bay Area. The bride had classic, elegant ambitions and I wanted to stay true to that while having a little fun. The bride and groom are mounted illustrations with 3-D details. His glasses are made of wire, his tie of ribbon, her bouquet of beads, her veil of…veil. One of my favorite things about this method is that it can be easily disassembled and framed as a keepsake.

(If you look closely you can see me reflected in a mirror behind the cake intently supervising the photography.)

Ellie’s Family Tree

Ellie is one of the cutest and smartest toddlers in Colorado. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Ellie’s mom, Ann, a poet and general smartypants, likes the color green. We created this family tree quilt for Ellie hoping that it would appeal to both of the women in the family. Quilted into the bark of the tree are all four of Ellie’s grandparents surnames.

Spectacular free-motion quilting courtesy of the incomparable Terry Chilko.